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Enlist a team of experts to act as a liaison between the courts, you, and all parties invovled in your case.

When you wish to process a summons, complaint, writ, or other sensitive legal documents, it’s vital that you have a team of experts helping you, from your lawyer to your process server. At March Whitcomb & Associates, we offer reliable constable services in Canton, MA that you can trust.

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An Exceptional Team of Constable & Process Servers

If you are thinking of taking action, it will be worth it to have a professional process server readily available to help you with the comprehensive legal documentation.


When filing a complaint or are in need of assistance in serving court papers, this service of process must be conducted by a third party that is not involved in the lawsuit and must be delivered in a timely matter to all essential parties. That is where March Whitcomb & Associates can help by providing outstanding documentation through our wide range of constable services.

Trust our Constable Services to Help You

With years of experience and a diligent work ethic, our constable services in Canton, MA will ensure that your legal matters are properly handled with the utmost efficiency and issued to the correct required parties.


Put your trust in our team of process servers and rest assured that we will deliver. We will provide aid throughout the entire process from issuing a complaint to filing the summary process notices. At March Whitcomb & Associates, our goal is to work meticulously to get you exactly what you need. Call us at 617-770-0100 today to learn more about our constable services.